Funny DoorDash Memes to Send to Customers & Drivers (2023)

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Are you hungry? Are you bored and scrolling through social media to pass time?

If so, have we got the perfect solution for you – Doordash memes!

That’s right – it turns out that not only can Doordash deliver your favorite food to your door with just a few clicks of a button, but they also provide some seriously hilarious (and sometimes relatable) comic relief.

Doordash Memes

From making fun of their notoriously slow delivery times to poking fun at the difficulty of remembering all those extra sauces when ordering from restaurants, these jokes are sure to make even the grumpiest customer crack a smile.

So grab some snacks and get ready for an entertaining read as we take an in-depth look into how ‘Doordashing’ has become so popularly joked about on social media platforms everywhere.

What Are Doordash Memes?

Doordash memes are humorous and creative images, GIFs, and videos that use the Doordash platform as their backdrop.

They often feature jokes about bad customer service experiences or ‘spicy’ takes on food delivery fails.

Other popular themes include celebrating a successful delivery of an order, poking fun at the idea of rushing to get orders out in time for customers to enjoy them hot, and making lighthearted jabs at some of Doordash’s policies like driver payouts and surge pricing.

Whatever the topic may be – one thing’s for sure: these meme-filled gems will always make you chuckle!

Why Doordash Memes Are So Popular?

Doordash memes are extremely popular on social media and have been shared by countless people in recent years.

From jokes about bad customer service to ‘spicy’ takes on food delivery fails, these hilarious creations have helped create an online community of Doordash users who can relate to each other’s struggles when ordering from the app.

One major reason why Doordash memes are so successful is that they capture experiences that many of us can relate to.

DoorDash Long Waiting Meme

With creative artwork combined with puns, these funny pictures provide a much-needed respite for those struggling with their orders or dealing with unpleasant customer service interactions – something we’ve all had to endure at some point!

Additionally, since there isn’t one specific demographic that uses the app (it caters to both young and old alike), more people will likely be able to appreciate them regardless of age or background.

Furthermore, due to the wide range of topics covered in these humorous images – ranging from complaining about slow deliveries or late arrival times – anyone using the platform can find a meme catered specifically to them which adds even more appeal than simply having generic content available everywhere else.

All this together helps explain why Doordash memes remain so incredibly popular today – no matter what type of user you may be!

The Best Doordash Memes Of All Times

We all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect meme for any occasion, but Doordash memes make things a bit easier.

They are not only funny and relatable, but they also entertainingly reflect our current lifestyles!

We’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the best Doordash memes out there so you don’t have to look far when needing your next dose of comic relief!

Whether you’re looking for puns about botched food deliveries or comical takes on slow delivery drivers – this list has something for everyone.

So get ready as we take a trip through time to explore some classic (and newer) favorites within this wild world of DoorDash memes!

Memes About Doordash Being Expensive

Doordash has become a popular delivery service in recent years, but it often comes with criticism for its pricing.

Customers have noted that prices seem to go up at certain times and for specific restaurants, making their orders more expensive than expected.

That’s why Doordash memes about the company being too costly are so common – they capture what many people feel when placing an order!

These amusing jokes often include imagery from movies or TV shows combined with clever puns on phrases like “costly courier” and “spending spree”.

Whether you find them funny or annoying, there’s no denying that these Doordash price memes have caught fire online – let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there!

Memes About Doordash Being Expensive #1
Memes About Doordash Being Expensive #2
Memes About Doordash Being Expensive #3
Memes About Doordash Being Expensive #4
Memes About Doordash Being Expensive #5
Memes About Doordash Being Expensive #6
Memes About Doordash Being Expensive #7

Memes About Doordash Wait Times

Have you ever felt like the wait times for your Doordash order are completely out of control?

Well, turns out you’re not alone!

It seems that waiting an eternity for delivery is one issue uniting Doordash customers around the world.

This frustration has been immortalized in funny memes about long waits and food deliveries taking forever – so why not take a break from banging on your laptop with anger to enjoy some lighthearted comedy at everyone else’s expense?

Whether it’s pizza late by hours or Chinese delivered way past its prime, these meme-worthy takes on outrageous wait times will have you cringing in laughter as we explore what people can only manage to laugh (and sometimes cry) through when dealing with painfully delayed meals.

Memes About Doordash Wait Times #1
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #2
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #3
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #4
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #5
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #6
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #7
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #8
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #9
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #10
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #11
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #12
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #13
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #14
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #15
Memes About Doordash Wait Times #16

Memes About Doordashers

No matter what your job is, everyone has had bad days at work – and this rings especially true for Doordashers!

Memes about these poor hard-working delivery drivers have been gaining traction on social media as people use their experiences to craft relatable (and often hilarious) content.

Whether you’ve ever done a shift with Doordash or not, the memes about them are sure to give you a good chuckle.

From jokes about finicky customers making unreasonable demands to creative takes on common delivery problems, there’s no shortage of meme material here.

We’ll take a look at some of the funniest and most popular memes in circulation today that poke fun at every aspect of being an overworked DoorDash driver.

So get ready – it’s time we found out just how much fun can come from delivering food after dark!

Memes About Doordashers #1
Memes About Doordashers #2
Memes About Doordashers #3
Memes About Doordashers #4
Memes About Doordashers #5
Memes About Doordashers #6
Memes About Doordashers #7
Memes About Doordashers #8
Memes About Doordashers #9
Memes About Doordashers #10
Memes About Doordashers #11

Memes About Doordash Far Distance Delivery

The struggle of waiting for far-distance delivery is real, and Doordash memes capture this issue perfectly.

From funny jokes about having to wait an eternity for a customer’s order to come in from halfway around the world (or at least it feels like that!) to comedic takes on how customer service reps react when told their orders are going long-distance – these memes have been all over social media lately!

Here we take a look at some of the best Doordash Far Distance Delivery Memes out there – so get ready for plenty of laughter as you join us on our meme-filled journey.

Memes About Doordash Far Distance Delivery #1
Memes About Doordash Far Distance Delivery #2
Memes About Doordash Far Distance Delivery #3

Memes About Doordash DashPass

DashPass is a popular subscription service from Doordash that allows customers to enjoy a range of exclusive discounts and benefits on orders.

It’s no surprise, then, that this program has been met with its fair share of memes poking fun at everything from ordering restrictions to price points.

Here are some of our favorites:

“I’m about to order my 6th $0 delivery item in one week thanks to #Dashpass” – A hilarious meme illustrating how much users can save using the subscription service!

“The real question is why isn’t everyone just signed up for #dashpass?!” – An accurate statement pointing out how affordable yet beneficial signing up for Doordash’s discounted membership plan is.

“#DashPass Day 15 & I already feel like I made back all my money” – Another great nod towards the value you get when taking advantage of this convenient delivery discount program.

So if you’re looking for something special (and cost-effective!) check out these jokes about Doordashers favorite perk – sign yourself up today and start saving those pennies!

Memes About Doordash DashPass #1
Memes About Doordash DashPass #2

Memes About Doordash Missing Food

It can be a real bummer when your food goes missing after you order it through Doordash!

From losing an item entirely to finding out that something wasn’t included in the delivery – there’s no doubt these types of situations are enough to make anyone frustrated.

Thankfully, many people have taken this frustration and turned it into humor with clever memes about Doordash not delivering food properly.

Whether they’re comparing their favorite restaurant orders going MIA or imagining what kind of mischief their courier got up to, these creative posts provide plenty of laughs for everyone who has ever gone through a similar situation before.

So let’s take a look at some hilarious memes made by customers all around the world – from stories about desserts disappearing without explanation to those awkward moments where nothing seems wrong but everything is still off…these misadventures will make you chuckle (and maybe even sympathize)!

Memes About Doordash Missing Food #1
Memes About Doordash Missing Food #2
Memes About Doordash Missing Food #3

Memes About Doordash Low-Paying Order

When it comes to Doordash memes, no topic is off-limits, including low-paying orders.

Whether you’re a seasoned driver who knows the ropes or just starting on your journey with food delivery apps, chances are that at some point in time, you have had to deal with an order that isn’t worth the effort and doesn’t pay well.

That’s when these hilarious memes come into play!

From jokes about poor tips to accounts of unfortunate customer service experiences, get ready for an entertaining read as we explore some of the most relatable (and sometimes cringeworthy!) Doordash memes surrounding low-paying orders.

So let’s dig in – by exploring what creative minds have conjured up over this popular meme format!

Memes About Doordash Low-Paying Order #1
Memes About Doordash Low-Paying Order #2

Memes About Dream DoorDash Order

When it comes to Doordash memes, there’s nothing quite like imagining our dream orders.

From outrageous combos that are way too good to be true (and probably pretty expensive!) to perfectly crafted lists of all the yummy foods we’ve been dreaming about lately – these tasty posts can make anyone drool!

Whether you’re looking for a new culinary adventure or simply trying your luck at seeing if someone will deliver those items in one go, here are some of the most hilarious and creative ‘dream’ Doordash order memes out there:

Memes About Dream DoorDash Order #1
Memes About Dream DoorDash Order #2
Memes About Dream DoorDash Order #3

Memes About Doordash App Crash

As if dealing with Doordash’s service failures, late orders, and rude customer service wasn’t enough to make your day less than stellar – having the app crash on you at the most inconvenient times is just adding insult to injury!

But hey, there’s always a silver lining in even the darkest cloud.

Some clever users have taken it upon themselves to poke fun at this all-too-familiar issue by creating hilarious memes about their experiences with Doordash App crashes.

From sarcastically pointing out how reliable (not) Doordash is when it comes to delivery services, these memes will certainly put a smile on your face – especially when you can relate so hard that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Check out some of our favorite gems below:

Memes About Doordash App Crash #1
Memes About Doordash App Crash #2
Memes About Doordash App Crash #3

Memes About Doordash Unreachable Customer

From ‘can’t reach customer’ fails to the never-ending quest for a reliable delivery driver, there’s no shortage of hilarious Doordash memes that poke fun at its sometimes unreliable services.

Whether you’re familiar with their struggles or not, these jokes will make you laugh out loud as they perfectly capture our collective frustration with ordering food online.

One popular meme features an image of two frowning people looking dejectedly into the distance while the text reads “When you order food on door dash but it says ‘customer unreachable’” — ouch!

Other gems include images of frustrated customers screaming in agony and captions like “when your door dash driver takes too long to deliver”.

No matter which ones you come across, these memes are sure to lighten up even the gloomiest day.

Memes About Doordash Unreachable Customer #1
Memes About Doordash Unreachable Customer #2

Memes About The Rich DoorDash CEO

Ah, the life of a billionaire CEO – it seems like an absolute dream for many.

But even Doordash’s very own chief executive officer, Tony Xu, isn’t exempt from being mercilessly mocked in meme form!

Whether it’s poking fun at his posh lifestyle or critiquing how he runs the company itself, there’s no shortage of memes about DoorDash’s big boss that will have you laughing out loud.

From overworked and underpaid delivery drivers to creative photoshop work featuring Mr. Xu himself – these images are sure to make your day just a bit brighter (or groan with secondhand embarrassment).

So grab some popcorn and get ready to enjoy as we take you through our favorite memes about the rich DoorDash CEO!

Memes About The Rich DoorDash CEO #1

Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips

Let’s face it: everyone loves tips!

As a Dasher, you’ve probably come up with some creative tactics to get those extra few bucks in your pocket.

And while there is no fool-proof way to guarantee tips from customers, sometimes all it takes are the right words and well-crafted memes!

From humorous puns about delivery speed or customer service experiences to ‘spicy’ jokes about food items – these cleverly crafted Doordash memes can certainly help tip the scales in your favor.

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at just some of these hilarious bits that have been making waves on social media lately.

So sit back and enjoy as we bring out the laughs with some truly “meme-oracle” material for any dasher looking for more ways to boost their tipping game!

Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips #1
Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips #2
Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips #3
Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips #4
Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips #5
Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips #6
Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips #7

Should You Send DoorDash Memes To Customers?

Doordash memes can be an effective way to connect with customers and show your appreciation for their loyalty.

Not only are these hilarious jokes sure to put a smile on your customers’ faces, but they can also serve as great conversation starters that will help strengthen the bond between you and them.

Plus, when shared properly on social media channels, Doordash memes have the potential of going viral which could increase brand visibility – so why not give it a try?

However, there are certain things you need to consider before sending out those meme-filled messages such as who exactly should receive them and how often they should be sent in order not to overwhelm or annoy people.

So let’s take a look at some tips that will ensure you get maximum customer engagement from door dash memes!

  1. Ensure that your Doordash memes are appropriate and relevant to your customers’ experiences: Nobody likes a cringeworthy joke, so make sure you choose something tasteful!
  2. Keep in mind the age group of your target audience when choosing DoorDash meme content: Depending on who is receiving these messages, some topics may be off-limits or require more thoughtfulness than others.
  3. Don’t overdo it by sending too many Doordash memes at once – spread them out regularly throughout customer interactions: Too much of anything can get tiresome quickly, even if it’s funny!
  4. Make use of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram for sharing door dash memes to reach broader audiences: This could help build up visibility around not only the brand but also yourself as an individual/business owner behind this service provider.
  5. Always make sure there is a human touch in each message sent – it shows customers that they’re valued by someone who genuinely cares about their experience: Saying “Thank You” or including an occasional personalized greeting can go a long way towards deepening relationships with customers.

How Doordash Is Responding to Memes?

In the age of social media, it’s no surprise that companies have to learn how to respond (or not respond!) when their products or services are turned into memes.

Doordash is no exception – over time, they’ve become quite savvy at responding to internet culture and even adding a little humor in their responses!

For example, one popular meme about long delivery times was met with a funny response from the official Doordash account: “Sorry for taking so long…we had trouble finding your house because our driver has never seen an address like this before.”

Another instance saw them having some fun with ‘spicy’ puns after receiving negative feedback on Twitter – “Don’t worry we’re turning up the heat by working hard every day so you don’t ever experience any more hiccups. We take service seriously but also love being part of this spicy conversation”.

It’s clear that Doordash knows how important customer satisfaction is; however, they’re still willing to join in on light-hearted conversations surrounding their product.

All these subtle touches make us appreciate them as a brand and it shows just how well they understand modern consumers!

Future of Doordash Memes

The future of Doordash memes is a bright one, and they’re only getting better with time!

With the constant influx of new customer experiences – both good and bad – there are plenty more jokes to be made about food delivery.

We can also expect some awesome collaborations between various meme creators who will bring their unique takes on common themes like customer service fails or crazy orders.

As more people discover these gems online, it’s safe to say that we’ll have an endless supply of funny content in years to come.

So sit back and enjoy the show as your favorite meme makers continue to outdo each other when it comes to delivering the most epic Doordash memes around!

How To Create DoorDash Memes?

Creating a meme is all about getting creative and thinking outside of the box!

Here are some tips on how to craft your Doordash memes that are sure to get people talking.

First, decide what kind of content you want to make. Think up puns or jokes related to food delivery experiences and customer service mishaps (yes – these things happen!).

Once you have an idea in mind, it’s time for the fun part: creating the visuals!

You can use apps such as Canva or Adobe Spark Post if you don’t have access to editing software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

If neither of those suits your needs, there’s always good old Microsoft Paint – although let’s be honest here…you may not achieve quite as impressive results with this program.

Once everything looks just right, add some captions/text along with relevant hashtags so everyone else out there knows where they should turn when looking for funny door dash memes!

Final Words

In conclusion, Doordash memes have provided us with plenty of laughs and entertainment throughout the years.

Whether you’re a fan of delivering food or not, it’s hard to deny that these funny internet images are sure to make anyone smile.

So let’s raise our forks and celebrate the fun moments we’ve enjoyed thanks to those clever meme creators out there!

FAQs on DoorDash Memes

How Are Doordash Memes Created and Spread?

Doordash memes are usually created and spread by users on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Why Do People Find Doordash Memes Funny?

People find DoorDash memes funny because they make light of the struggles and challenges associated with working as a delivery driver.

What Impact Have Doordash Memes Had on the Food Delivery Industry?

Doordash memes have had a positive impact on the food delivery industry by increasing awareness of their services and providing entertainment to potential customers.

How Do Doordash Memes Compare to Memes From Other Food Delivery Platforms?

Doordash memes tend to be more humorous and relate better to the delivery service experience, whereas other food delivery platform memes can vary in content.

How Do You Send Memes on Doordash?

You can use the Doordash chat feature to send memes.

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