How to Delete Fetch Rewards Account In 4 EASY Steps [2023]

Have you been using Fetch Rewards to earn rewards on your shopping? 

But now, for some reason, you’ve decided it’s time to delete your account.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

How to Delete Fetch Rewards Account

In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how easy it is to delete your Fetch Rewards account.

So don’t wait any longer – let’s get started and learn how quickly and easily you can do away with that pesky Fetch Reward Account once and for all!

What Is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is an app-based rewards program that allows shoppers to earn points for every purchase they make.

It works with a variety of retailers and grocery stores, including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Whole Foods Market, and more.

The points earned can then be redeemed for gift cards or other rewards offered by Fetch Rewards partners such as Best Buy or Starbucks.

With the help of this app, you can save time while shopping and get rewarded at the same time! 

Why Delete a Fetch Rewards Account?

In some cases, it makes sense to delete a Fetch Rewards account.

For instance, if you are no longer using the app and do not need access to your points or rewards earned on the platform.

It could also be beneficial for those who have security concerns about their data stored with Fetch Rewards.

Additionally, deleting your account can help keep things organized by getting rid of unused accounts that don’t serve any purpose anymore. 

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to remove your Fetch Reward Account – this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how easy it is to accomplish!

How to Delete a Fetch Rewards Account?

If you’ve decided to delete your Fetch Rewards account, then this guide is for you!

In a few easy steps, we’ll show you how to remove yourself from the program and get on with life.

Delete Fetch Rewards Account in 4 Steps

Follow these simple instructions to quickly close your Fetch Reward Account:

Step 1: Log in to Your Fetch Rewards Account

The first step towards deleting your account is logging into it via their app or website.

If you have trouble remembering your credentials, click ‘Forgot Password’ which will enable them to send an email containing further instructions on resetting it.

Step 2: Contact Customer Service

Once logged in, contact customer service through the support tab at the bottom of every page so they can help confirm that all pending rewards are properly redeemed before closing off any accounts permanently.

They may also ask why someone would like access removed or suggest other options as applicable if there was no issue using their services previously; just let them know that deletion is what’s desired though. 

Provide as much detail as possible during conversations regarding closure requests just in case they need clarification on anything else moving forward without having one less active user tied in anymore either way too soon afterward.

Step 3: Confirm Deletion Request Is Approved

After all pending rewards have been redeemed, the Fetch Rewards customer service team will let you know that your request to delete your account is approved.

Fetch Customer Service

Once this happens, they’ll provide further instructions on how to remove yourself from their platform and ensure no other personal data associated with it remains behind too still accessible otherwise either yet again (such as past payment information for instance).

Step 4: Follow Their Provided Instructions To Complete Account Removal 

Finally, follow any step-by-step directions given by customer support once everything has officially been finalized, such as clicking certain links or taking additional steps in order complete removal procedures.

Afterward, confirmation should be provided showing successful closure results before moving on to anything else related here soon after if necessary.

What Happens After You Delete a Fetch Rewards Account?

After you delete your Fetch Rewards Account, all of the associated account information and rewards points are permanently deleted.

All earned rewards points will be forfeited upon deletion of your account and can not be reinstated or transferred to another user’s account.

Once an account is removed from the system, there is no way to restore it or access any data related to that particular profile; including previous shopping activity such as receipts uploaded for earning bonus reward points or loyalty programs connected through their service.

To ensure a complete removal process we recommend logging out of all devices where you were previously logged in using the same credentials before deleting your Fetch Reward Account from our website.

We also suggest confirming with retailers directly if they had shared any additional info about purchases made via their websites/apps as these may remain on record after closing down an associated Fetch Rewards profile.

How to Delete a Fetch Rewards Account on Mobile?

Deleting a Fetch Rewards account on mobile is straightforward. 

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Fetch Rewards app on your phone and log into your account with your email address or username.
  2. Tap “Settings” in the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap “Account Information” at the top of this page to open up more options related to deleting an account from mobile devices.
  3. On that page, scroll down until you find “Delete Account”. Once located, click it and enter all necessary information needed for finalizing the cancellation process like password, etc if prompted by the application software itself.
  4. Finally hit the “Submit” button so as soon as a confirmation window appears confirming deletion – simply press the OK/YES button (depending upon the platform)and thus your fetch rewards accounts will be permanently deleted!

Final Thoughts

In summary, deleting your Fetch Rewards account is a relatively simple process.

It just takes a few clicks of the mouse and you can be done with it in no time!

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and given you the information needed to delete your Fetch Reward Account quickly and easily.

Now go forth into the world free from pesky reward programs – goodbye Fetch Rewards!

FAQs on How to Delete Fetch Rewards Account

How to Delete a Fetch Rewards Account?

To delete a Fetch Rewards account, you must first log in to the app or website and then follow the instructions provided for canceling your account.

Can I Reactivate My Account After I Delete It?

No, once you delete your Fetch Rewards account it cannot be reactivated.

Will My Personal Data Be Deleted Permanently?

Yes, deleting your Fetch Rewards account will permanently delete all of your personal data associated with it.

What Happens to My Cashback Rewards After I Delete My Account?

Once your Fetch Rewards account is deleted, any outstanding cashback rewards associated with the account will be forfeited and cannot be recovered.

Can I Delete My Account Through the Website?

Yes, you can delete your account through the Fetch Rewards website. You simply need to log in and follow the instructions provided on-screen.

How Long Does It Take To Delete a Fetch Rewards Account?

Deleting your Fetch Rewards Account takes less than a minute. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined in this article and you’ll be done!

Is It Possible to Delete My Fetch Rewards Account Permanently?

Yes, it is possible to delete your Fetch Rewards account permanently. You can follow the steps outlined in this article to do so.

How Do I Contact Fetch Rewards Customer Support to Delete My Account?

You can contact Fetch Rewards Customer Support to delete your account by sending an email to [email protected] or calling their toll-free number at 877-477-7368.

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