Rivian Stock Price Prediction: From 2023 To 2050 [UPDATED]

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In the world of investing, Rivian is one of the hottest stocks in town.

The electric vehicle manufacturer has seen a meteoric rise since it debuted on public markets and its stock price continues to climb.

But how high will it go?

Rivian Stock Price Prediction

In this article, we’ll explore what experts think about Rivian’s potential future stock price and provide our predictions for where things might be headed over the next few years.

So read on to find out if you should buy now or wait until later before taking your shot at cashing in on this revolutionary company!

Before getting into the details of the stock’s price prediction, here are some key data about the Rivian stock along with its growth potential & financial strength.

About Rivian Automotive (RIVN)

Founded by Robert “R.J.” Scaringe, Rivian Automotive is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the electric vehicle industry.

The up-and-coming manufacturer of high-end pickups and SUVs has made waves since its filing for an IPO on August 27th, 2021, valuing it at over $80 billion.

Since then there have been reports that suggest the company could now seek a valuation between $53-$60 billion when their public offering goes live as early as Monday 8th November on NASDAQ under the ticker name RIVN.

With such potential growth, this stock looks set to make huge returns if investors get involved soon!

Highlights of Rivian Automotive:

  • A diverse workforce.
  • Embracing active allyship.
  • Purpose-driven partnerships.
  • Supporting our team.

Rivian Automotive Key Statistics

Valuation ParametersValues/Prices
Exchange NameNASDAQ All Markets
Market Cap$31.28B
52-week High$179.47
52-week Low$19.25
Cash on Hand$14,923.00 M
Beta (5Y Monthly)N/A
EPS (TTM)-7.64
Revenue$514.00 M
Gross Profit$-1,671.00 M
Earnings DateAug 11, 2022
EBITDA$-6,486.00 M
Number of Employees2,021
PE Ratio (TTM)N/A
EX-Dividend DateN/A
Forward Dividend & YieldN/A (N/A)
1Y Target Est53.13

The above table shows the important parameters & the corresponding values for Rivian Automotive.

Rivian Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Electric vehicles (EV): 22.60% per year between 2020 and 2027 globally
  • Electric vehicle charging: 39.80% per year between 2020 and 2027 globally
  • Electric trucks: 43.30% per year between 2020 and 2027 globally
  • Growing quarterly revenue
  • Declining R&D costs quarter over quarter
  • Declining quarterly SG&A costs
  • Growing cash & cash equivalent in the last 3 years
  • Growing cash & cash equivalent in the last year
  • Declining quarterly CapEx
  • Small or no significant liabilities compared to shareholder equity in the last quarter


  • Consumer cyclical: 3.90% per year between 2020 and 2023 globally
  • Auto manufacturers: 4.80% per year between 2020 and 2025 globally
  • Declining or flat quarterly gross profit
  • Worst quarterly EBITDA growth than peers
  • Worst annual EBITDA growth than peers
  • Worst 3-year EBITDA growth than peers
  • Declining or flat quarterly operating income
  • Declining or flat annual operating income
  • Declining or flat annual operating income in the last 3 years
  • Declining or flat quarterly net income (profit)
  • Declining or flat annual net income (profit)
  • Declining or flat annual net income (profit) in the last 3 years

Price Range & Analysts’ Target

Price Range

An inconclusive mix of upside or downside potential compared to 52-week high and low based on 2 analyses

Analysts’ Price Target & Recommendation

Mostly buy recommendation with expected upside based on 2 analyses

Rivian Stock Price Prediction Chart

Rivian Stock Price Prediction Chart
Rivian Price Prediction Chart

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2022

Experts predict that Rivian stock will see a significant rise in price over the next two years. According to their estimates, by 2022 the company’s shares could reach anywhere from $45.50 (on the low end) up to as much as $52.25 on the high side – all based on technical and competitor analysis.

RangeRivian Stock Price Prediction 2022
Rivian Stock Forecast 2022

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023

Analysts predict that the stock price of Rivian in 2023 will fall within a range, with a low estimation of $57.25, a midpoint at $61.25, and a high mark of $65.75 according to their technical and industry competitor analysis.

RangeRivian Stock Price Prediction 2023
Rivian Stock Forecast 2023

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

Experts are predicting that Rivian’s stock price could reach anywhere between $85.50 and $98 by 2025. This forecast is based on a thorough technical analysis, as well as an examination of the company’s competitors in the industry.

Although this represents a wide range of potential outcomes, it appears investors should anticipate prices to fall within this lower-to-medium range for at least another five years or so.

RangeRivian Stock Price Prediction 2025
Rivian Stock Forecast 2025

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030

According to expert predictions, Rivian’s stock price could reach anywhere between $250.75 and $287.50 by 2030.

These ranges are based on rigorous analysis of the company’s technical performance as well as the developments within its industry sector.

With this in mind, investors should have a better idea of where they might expect the price to go over the next few years if they choose to invest now or later!

RangeRivian Stock Price Prediction 2030
Rivian Stock Forecast 2030

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2040

Experts predict that Rivian’s stock price could reach anywhere from $1,550 to $1,780 by the year 2040.

These estimates are based on a combination of technical analysis and comparison with other companies in the industry.

Specifically, analysts anticipate that a low-end estimate would be around $1,550 while an optimistic prediction puts it closer to $1,780.

RangeRivian Stock Price Prediction 2040
Rivian Stock Forecast 2040

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2050

Experts in the field of stock price prediction for Rivian suggest that, by 2050, its share value could be as high as $2349.

These estimates are based on careful technical analysis and comparison with other companies in the same industry sector.

RangeRivian Stock Price Prediction 2050
Rivian Stock Forecast 2050

Rivian Financial Strengths

  • Revenue – Strong and growing revenue
  • Profitability – Struggling with profitability
  • Costs – Struggling with managing costs
  • Margins – Struggling with managing or growing its margins
  • Free Cash Flow – Struggling with generating or growing Free Cash Flow (CFC)
  • Cash & Debt – Increasing or higher liabilities in comparison to cash
  • Financial Resilience Ratios – Acceptable financial resilience status with some challenges
  • Management Effectiveness – Inefficient use of assets, equity, and capital

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 | Rivian Stock Forecast

At WealthDart, we strive to provide you with the most accurate stock forecast/prediction for Rivian Stock through a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, Elliott Wave theory, as well as AI-based forecasting.

With these tools at our disposal, we can give you an educated guess on where this revolutionary company is headed in terms of price over the next few years – from 2022 up until 2050!

Keep in mind that even though our forecasts are carefully calculated using expert opinion and market data insights, no prediction or target can ever be completely certain.

But rest assured that here at WealthDart we do everything possible to make sure your investment decisions are backed by reliable information.

YearRivian Stock Price Prediction
2022From $45.50 to $52.25
2023From $57.25 to $65.75
2025From $85.50 to $98.00
2030From $250.75 to $287.50
2040From $1,550 to $1,780
2050Around $2349
Rivian Stock Forecast For 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050

This table showcases the price predictions of Rivian Stock over the years 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050.

Our estimates are based on a comprehensive analysis of past data and industry insights by our expert analysts.

This includes leveraging fundamental strategies such as technical analysis and Elliott Wave theory coupled with advanced AI technology to accurately project future stock prices for this innovative company.

Keep reading to find out what experts have forecasted for Rivian’s stock growth in the coming years!

Rivian Stock Price Prediction Infographic
Rivian Stock Price Prediction Infographic

Rivian Growth Potential

Stable or acceptable growth potential driven by the sectors, industries, and core markets the company operates in based on 5 analyses.

Why Should You Buy Rivian Stock?

3 reasons to buy Rivian stock are:

Rivian Is Disrupting in All the Right Places

Trucks and SUVs are a lucrative industry for automakers, one that Rivian is now entering. Although Tesla has released crossovers, no other company has created a 7-seater vehicle with ample luggage space – until now.

If they can make an impact in this market then their profits could soar! Rivian caters to those who want the freedom of exploration as seen in their waypoint chargers dotted around America and Canada at places such as parks, hotels, or restaurants – all catering to off-roading fanatics wanting to tackle difficult terrains like the Rocky Mountains or Appalachian hills.

With plans already drawn up on maps across these areas it looks like Rivian won’t have any trouble giving drivers exactly what they need!

A Foundation to Build On For Rivian

Rivian has created an incredibly impressive foundation upon which to build its business.

With a substantial number of orders even before going public, Amazon’s purchase of 100,000 delivery trucks and 50,000 pre-orders for the R1T and R1S vehicles indicate clear demand.

Furthermore, Rivian’s highly scalable design is well suited for more products such as the RCV platform used in Amazon deliveries that come with FleetOS tools – providing essential fleet management capabilities.

Brand Awareness Is Improving Quickly

Until recently, Rivian was a relatively unknown brand in the electric vehicle (EV) space. Google Trends shows that during the last week of October, searches for “Rivian” were just one-two-hundredth of those for “Tesla.”

However, over the past couple of weeks, more people have searched for Rivian than Tesla – an indication that its popularity is on the rise.

Tesla’s success can largely be attributed to Elon Musk and his clever marketing strategies; despite not investing money into advertising campaigns, it continues to generate billions every year as a result of its well-recognized name.

While Rivian isn’t quite there yet in terms of notoriety or wealth generated from its brand awareness, they don’t seem likely to need any major marketing investments anytime soon either.

Rivian Automotive (RIVN) Earnings Report

Rivian Stock Earnings Report

Experts On Rivian Stock Analysis

The 21 analysts’ ratings of Rivian Automotive for the last three months are summarised here. The more bullish ratings there are, the more optimistic analysts are about the company, and the more bearish ratings there are, the more pessimistic analysts are about the stock.

RIVN Price Vs. Targets
Rivian Stock Price Prediction

FAQs On Rivian Stock Price Prediction

What will rivian stock be worth in 5 years?

According to a study, the stock price of Rivian will reach three digits back and trade over $500 in the following five years.

What Is Rivian Stock Price Prediction for 2025?

The predicted range for Rivian stock prices in 2025 is $85.5 to $98.00. By the end of 2025, RIVN can easily hit these price goals.

Is Rivian stock overpriced?

By its production, which is currently hampered by global supply-chain bottlenecks, rivian stock is indeed overvalued.

What will be the Rivian Stock Forecast 2022?

The price of Rivian stock is anticipated to reach a maximum level of $52.25 at the end of 2022 according to Rivian stock price forecast 2022.

Is Rivian Stock a Good Investment?

Depending on your financial objectives. The supply chain is now causing manufacturing issues for Rivian. Therefore, if production is slow, fewer orders will be filled and there will be less profit. Consequently, investing in Rivian could be risky or profitable depending on current output.

What Will be the Price of Rivian Stock By 2040?

According to data from the Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2040 study, the RIVN Stock price can rise as high as $1780 by 2040.

How Much Was Rivian Stock When It First Opened?

Rivian Stock went public at $78.00 on Nov.10, 2021

Will Rivian Stock Come Down in Price?

The fundamentals have a little bit outpaced the values, which is the only reason why Rivian stock is declining. The firm’s market capitalization rose above Volkswagen’s. Even now, Toyota Motors and Volkswagen are just marginally above and below each other in terms of market capitalization.

What Is the Stock Symbol for Rivian Motors?

The Stock Symbol for Rivian Motors is RIVN.

What Is the Price of Rivian Stock Right Now?

The Price of Rivian Stock Right now is $31.5


In conclusion, Rivian’s stock price outlook remains optimistic despite some market volatility.

The company has made significant progress in the electric vehicle space and its current products have been met with widespread enthusiasm from consumers.

With increased production of vehicles such as the R1T pickup truck and all-electric SUV, along with other innovative new models slated for release, investors will likely continue to view Rivian favorably when making long-term investments.

Therefore, we can expect Rivian’s share prices to remain relatively stable or even rise further over time should they successfully execute their plans for sustainable growth and continued innovation within the electric vehicle industry.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now. Also, share this useful piece of information with all your investment friends to help them too.

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