What's Happening With iShowSpeed & The Paradox Metaverse?

YouTube Streamer, iShowSpeed, is under scrutiny by fans for allegedly promoting the game "The Paradox Metaverse."

This game awards players with cryptocurrency called Paradox Coin. Players can collect Paradox Coins by completing objectives.

On November 16, 2022, iShowSpeed appeared on stream wearing Paradox merch/items and had advertisements for the company in the background.

The YouTuber went on to bring in a Cristiano Ronaldo impersonator on stream with a shirt encouraging viewers to purchase Paradox Coin.

The IShowSpeed and Paradox representatives hosted a number of giveaways for the new PS5 game during the live stream.

The controversial streamer has come under a lot of criticism as people have accused iShowSpeed of promoting a crypto "scam" to his large audience.

It can currently be unclear if Paradox is a scam or not and some individuals have quickly labeled this cryptocurrency as a ‘pump and dump scheme’.

Comments on the post in reddit insults the streamer, calling out iShowSpeed for allegedly exploiting his followers.

Many viewers specifically pointed to Paradox’s claims that their players make over $500 a week by playing the game, which requires a lot of NFT purchases.

Some commenters think that this coin is fueled by hype, targeted at those who see Paradox as their primary source of income.